Andre Rieu: Marjorie Is My Quiet Strength

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Sat December 3, 2011, 06:00

Andre Rieu: "Marjorie is my quiet strength"

by Wilma Nanninga

AMSTERDAM - Andre Rieu (62) would be nothing without the support of his sparkling wife Marjorie. As visible as Marjorie is for him and their sons Pierre and Marc, she appears invisible to the outside world. Therefore André composed a tribute to her.

For the first time they both talked about their special love story. It was a memorable interview. Marjorie, a cheery Limburger with her head covered with curls, surprised us when she cheerfully entered the room. She is always out of the limelight and did not want to be photographed. She gave me a picture of them both from the past: "I love the fact that I can just happily move freely about, rather than being Mrs. Rieu. I even travel under my maiden name. I would like to remain a mystery."

André looks at her lovingly: "Marjorie has made sure that I became the king of waltz. She has freed me from Beethoven. And now it's nice for me to know that she is in the office, or in my studio. Her sobriety and yet playful, flexible mind is my compass in the sometimes turbulent times of the business. She protects me from mistakes, differentiates, considers alternatives and was my pillar of strength when I was down for weeks with an inflamed labyrinth. We have already braved many a storm together."

In a Christmas movie that is now being filmed in the surroundings of the castle, an actor who plays the role of André, is sadly walking down a snowy alley. He walks into the light and is embraced by a young woman. "I studied at the Conservatory in Brussels. I lived in a gloomy room on the third floor. I did not know where my life was going and had very much the feeling that I was at a dead end. I studied the violin with no joy, very prim and proper, like most classical music. At a school, where competition and jealousy reigned and where nobody granted you anything. No one cared. I was about to give up. Despite the desire of my father, who was a concertmaster, I wanted to choose something different. And then suddenly Marjorie brought hope to my existence. She made me happy, and I discovered cheerful light music from Berlin, where her Jewish parents were raised. Actually, I had an aimless life from my birth up to the day I met Marjorie. Then all erupted."

"I knew Marjorie from my sister Theresa’s class in high school”, André says with a smile. “But when she came to visit me in Brussels 37 years ago, it really happened. Since then she has never left. And since that day I know that we just follow our destiny. Regardless of what happens. Marjorie gives me everlasting courage and energy even when we experienced financial difficulty. Like last year when we traveled the entire world with those huge castle decors. Which really was a foolish thing to do. Everything was in jeopardy, I even wanted to sell my Stradivarius. But Marjorie never gave up and believed that things would get better. And she was right.”

St. Nicholas Celebration: Marjorie added, "I always had that cute guy André Rieu on my mind. We had met before at his sister Theresa. But he was 13 then and I 15. I remember a Sinterklaas (St.Nicholas) celebration at Theresa’s, which was very enjoyable. I was an only child and they were six. André and I only had a little chat. But from then on he was constantly on my mind." Smilingly she says: "I was 27, teaching German, when I had to organize a concert for my school and I thought of Theresa as a harpist. André and I met once again. From that moment on and for the next six weeks we were writing each other long letters. André is very romantic. The flaming romance intensified when I visited him. I arrived on Sunday morning with the intention of leaving again that Sunday evening. But I stayed over and spent the night, not showing up at work the next day, I was really hooked although I am a very good girl.” What did you find most touching in André, I ask Marjorie. "He was kind to a sixteen year old fellow student from the Conservatory who came to him in a panic with a swollen hand. I think that was it. I just melted. And to be more specific, a week later I told a girlfriend that I thought that what André and I had would be short lived but intense. It was so emotional. I did not think that our relationship would last. And now, look we are still together after nearly 40 years, still beautiful!”

André: "I will never forget that a few months later I was sitting on the sofa with her father. I asked him permission to marry her. And him asking the question: "So, André, can you provide for her?" I replied honestly: "Well actually it is Marjorie who is providing for me, I am still studying." Marjorie interrupts: "My father roared with laughter. My parents really liked you. And over the years, you have more than made up for it. I did less and less teaching. Standing in front of a classroom was not my first love. I did translation work when you started with the salon orchestra. And slowly, I joined the business. I love music and help with the compositions of the albums. We think and make choices together.” André reaches for her hand: "As a child I dreamed that I would find a woman with whom I could do everything together.You made sure that I discovered the "Bummel Petrus" polka. When we were searching for music which the salon orchestra could play back then, we made an appeal for all the Limburgers to look for old music in their attics, but only melodies which Marjorie already knew emerged. Toselli’s Serenade, beautiful light music which was my first "gold" record.”

Marjorie: "My Jewish father fled Germany. He lived in Berlin during the 20’s. And the creaking 78 rpm records from that period were the music of my youth. André is a violinist who plays the happy party songs but with the skill of a classical concert violinist. That, I think is André's secret." Marjorie is always home or in the office when the violin virtuoso is touring all over the world. "I do not like to fly" she says laughing. "And on top of that, André does not want a wife trudging two meters behind him carrying his violin case." He adds: "That’s how all the violinists came to visit my father back then. A dreadful sight. In our marriage I am spending a small fortune on telephone calls. Because we are always in contact with each other."

Marjorie: "When André is gone for two weeks, I stay in Maastricht. If he is gone on tour for three weeks, like to Australia, then I’ll go for a week’s language course. French, Italian ... I love languages. But then I travel by train.” André: "Marjorie is also the business talent in our family. Her father was a businessman and since her childhood Marjorie helped out her father by organizing. She had a library in her street and gave ballet lessons to the children in her neighborhood. In the beginning she even organized a scholarship for me. I had a whole stack of papers lying around and really thought it was too much of a hassle. So I’ll eat a sandwich less, I thought. Luckily Marjorie took control." The Christmas special they are making, is suitably called "Home for Christmas." André: "Universal wanted to use it for the American market for next year’s Christmas. But in the Nederlands and Germany the Christmas special will be broadcast this December. Marjorie and I have thought out the entire process. Therefore it has become a very personal story." Marjorie: "It was no small task to put a two-hour script together about something. Moreover, a waltz lasts seven minutes. But then there are also many Christmas songs in it which can last up to three minutes. So we came up with our own lives and recorded it entirely here at home, in the city and the church next door to us. You can see our children and grandchildren. But not me, as it was originally agreed upon." André: "We have spared no expenses. Everything here was covered with real snow".

The couple will spend Christmas Eve with their children and grandchildren. Painter Marc will spend Christmas with his wife and their children, and Pierre, who is the vice-president of the company, with his wife and the twins. Marjorie nods as if she already knows what André is going to say: "With the arrival of the grandchildren, we have discovered a new form of love. And I always tell them very proudly, "Grandpa loves Grandma very much!!"

Thank you Josephine for the article and Deirdré and Eve for the translation.

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  • December 12, 2011 Ruth P wrote:
    Hi Josephine, Deirdre and Jeanine Ann, Thank you for this article, it is really good insight of Andre and Marjorie. Hugs and Luv Ruth
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  • December 12, 2011 Terezie wrote:
    Jeanine Ann für Super einen Artikel zu André Rieu - bestem Violinist heuting dieser der Dauer Jahrhudert. Schicke allem weihnachlich Begrüsung Terezie Palečková
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  • December 13, 2011 Fay Roberts wrote:
    Josephine , Deirdre' & Eve thank you for finding the above interview, I am not surprised I have heard Andre' speak about His wife a few times, one that has stuck was Andre' was asked how He would cope if Marjorie were to die, one had only to look at Andre'face to see His feelings, his answer was I would not want to be alive without her, I think it is so beautiful that they have allowed us a glimpse into their personal lives, I believe this Lady who so loves Him is fortunate but so too is Andre';
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  • December 13, 2011 Alta Knell wrote:
    No damn, I wish I could see this invisible Marjorie but I understand why Andre keeps her invisible!!!
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  • December 13, 2011 Jean Wallis wrote:
    Thanks both Jeanine Ann and Deirdre for this wonderful article. If it wasn't for you two ladies we wouldn't be able to have this great information.
    Love and hugs, Jean
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  • December 13, 2011 Josephine wrote:
    What a Woman. I have huge respect for her xxx
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  • December 13, 2011 Dorothy Laigle wrote:
    Thanks this is so beautiful about Andre and Marjorie. A great love story for the King of Waltzes and his beautiful Queen. I loved reading about it. I wish them a Long, Healthy and Most Prosperous and Happy Life Together. They are a very special couple. LOVE
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  • December 13, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Oh what a wonderful fairy love story!! They are the perfect couple. Thank you for sharing this fairy tale with us. MAGICAL!! xxx
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  • December 13, 2011 Maureen D. wrote:
    Such a beautiful story of love and companionship between 2 very special people and how lucky they are to have found each other and be able to spend their lives making us and themselves very happy with their music.
    I felt so good after reading of their happiness.
    I hope their lives are long and fulfilling.
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  • December 14, 2011 Heloisa wrote:
    Gostaria de participar do fa clube do Andre Rieu sou diretora de Colégio e sempre utilizo suas musicas nos eventos da Escola;com o propósito de divulgar suas musicas aos jovens fazendo com que eles tenham a oportunidade de conhecerem musicas clássicas , contribuindo assim para sua formação cultural.Atc Heloisa Melo

    Hello !
    I would like to join the fan club director Andre Rieu College and am always use their music in school events , with the purpose of spreading their music to young people so that they have the opportunity to learn classical music , thus contributing to their cultural . Atc Heloisa Melo

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  • December 14, 2011 Heloisa wrote:
    Gostaria de participar do Fa clube do Andre Rieu.Atc Heloisa .

    I would like to join the fan club Andre Rieu.Atc Heloise.

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  • December 14, 2011 Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer wrote:
    WOW in my entire life I have never been loved like that. I was the much younger wife of a German/American who only valued me for my ability to relate to his 4 teenagers,whose mother had left them behind to follow her new love.My beautiful son Ben was born and then I was loved.sadly he is in heaven and so I am unable to share Christmas with him.He would have been 33 on 040112
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  • December 14, 2011 Marlene Warren wrote:
    I wish to say so much but cannot take the time right now to say everything I wish to say. I loved this article and enjoyed very much getting such interesting and enjoyable information about Andre and his wife.
    It makes my heart happy to know how much they mean to each other. I love it. It's rare and beautiful.
    I feel this is one of the reasons that Andre is so fantastic, he has a happy heart, which starts at home.
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  • December 19, 2011 Deirdre Kruger wrote:
    Thank you ANDRé and MARJORIE RIEU for sharing this MAGICAL love story. There were so many OOOHHH's and AAAAAAHHHH's when Evie and I did the final touches to the translation on SKYPE. Ha-ha she had to keep on telling me to - FOCUS!!!

    To my hubby JOHANN,

    Thank you for all your patience when I am busy with translations. Although I am "A woman who is oh sooooo in love",  after 27 years YOU are still my FIRST LOVE!!!

    Love and hugs, Deirdré Krüger (South Africa) xxx
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  • January 2, 2012 Louise Tomlinson wrote:
    To everyone who contributed to this beautiful article I thank you. I see the credits after every Andre Rieu DVD and the first name that comes up is Marjorie Rieu as the "idea" behind the making of the DVD yet to my mind (and I may be wrong)Marjorie's name is never mentioned in the comments written about the DVD. Not to get me wrong, Andre and JSO is great but I think Marjorie should get more credits for her "ideas" behind every DVD. Louise of Cape Town
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  • July 10, 2012 margaretbrooks wrote:
    Thank you so much for a beautiful insight into the life of Andre and Marjorie.

    Has anyone ever seen Marjorie, does she ever go to his concerts?

    She really does sound a lovely lady. Best wishes to them both for a long happy life together.

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    1. July 10, 2012 Moderator Jeanine Ann wrote:
      Hi Margaret, yes we have seen Marjorie but never post a photo of her in order to honor her wishes not to be photographed.  She does go to the local concerts and probably to Germany, Brussels, etc but not long distance as she does not like to fly.  She is a lovely lady and she and Andre make a wonderful team.  Glad you like the article.  We will have many more photos and concert reports for everyone.  Much love, Jeanine Ann

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      1. July 11, 2012 margaret brooks wrote:
        Hi Jeanine Ann

        Thank you for such a quick reply.

        Its nice that you respect her wishes, and I am sure both she and Andre know that you are to be trusted.

        I am keeping up with all the photos and messages on the guestbook.
        Thank you and everyone else for a a wonderful picture you have all painted of your time in Maastricht.

        I do so want to go net time.

        with love - margaret
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  • December 4, 2012 Floriza wrote:
    I love to read your love story.
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  • April 11, 2013 Linda Humphries wrote:
    That is such a lovely story. I can understand Andre's Wife wanting to stay out of the limelight because he is so famous she would not be able to walk down the street in peace. It seems ideal he has his two loves his music which he keeps very seperate from his first love which he keeps private. It is so lovely that he can give us so much pleasure and then go home and leave it all behind for a time and spend time with his true love.

    Thank you both of you for all the pleasure and beauty of music you give us. May you stay as happy and healthy as the day you met and may good fortune always be yours.

    Linda Humphries UK
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  • April 12, 2013 mona stringer wrote:
    linda you have said it all. Andre is part of Marjorie and Marjorie is part of Andre and yet they and the music stand alone. The wholesomeness of their being is what it is all about and transcends any criticism
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